Support for Cultural Projects in 2018

Germany and France contribute to cultural projects in 2018

The governments of the French Republic and of the Federal Republic of Germany have established a fund for cultural projects in third states. From this fund the governments, through their embassies and cultural institutes in Gaborone, offer financial contributions to projects which are in line with topics both governments have defined together.

For the year 2018 projects related to “cultural heritage, youth and innovation” could be financially supported. The projects should preferably be in the fields of visual arts, performing arts, design, fashion, architecture, theatre, movies, audiovisual media, literature or forms of dialogue. The project should have a long-term effect.

The contribution of Germany and France could cover at the most 50 % of the project’s total cost. The maximum contribution would be 20.000 €. Persons interested to organize such projects are invited to present the draft project, including a financing plan, to this embassy not later than 15 October 2017.