German SADC Newsletter

SADC Newsletter Logo Enlarge image (© picture alliance / German Embassy) What comes to your mind when you think about regional integration in Southern Africa? A future common market with a common currency? Potential for economic growth and improvement of peoples’ lives? A chance to better deal with global challenges such as climate change and water crisis? An important means for peace and stability in the region? Or maybe just an abstract idea? Whatever comes to your mind, one thing is for sure: regional integration is complex and everybody has a different understanding of what it means. Certainly, regional integration starts with communication, sharing of information and ideas.

German Development Cooperation has been supporting SADC (Southern African Development Community) for many years with the purpose of realizing the benefits of regional integration for the people in the SADC region. With this first edition of the Newsletter, the German Embassy in Gaborone aims to inform and update twice a year relevant stakeholders dealing with regional integration in the SADC region on activities of our German Development Cooperation with SADC. Please contact us in case you have any further questions on any of our activities or ideas for improvement for this Newsletter.

We hope you find this Newsletter helpful, enjoy reading!